Audiência - Domingo 04 de Novembro de 2012

Últimos números de Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Good Wife e mais.

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating18-49 ShareViewers Live+SD (million)
7:00 PMCBSNFL Overrun8.52326.70
NBCFootball Night in America2.266.58
ABCAmerica's Funniest Home Videos1.746.97
FOXNFL Overrun/ Simpsons -R1.543.70
7:30 PMNBCFootball Night in America4.51111.57
CBS60 Minutes3.81016.67
FOXThe Simpsons-R/ The Cleveland Show1.954.09
8:00 PMNBCFootball Night in America5.81415.49
ABCOnce Upon A Time3.5810.10
FOXThe Simpsons2.665.57
8:30 PMNBCSunday Night Football (8:30-11)7.31718.65
CBSThe Amazing Race2.5610.28
FOXBob's Burgers1.843.99
FOXFamily Guy2.565.07
9:30PMFOXAmerican Dad1.943.99
CBSThe Good Wife1.749.69
10:00PMABC666 Park Avenue1.444.07
10:30PMCBSThe Mentalist1.959.48

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